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 Nominations OPEN for the 2023 NBC CDT of the Year

Posted on August 01, 2022

2023 CDT of the Year - Nominations Open

Do you know of a CDT who has given back to the profession by acting as a mentor or innovator? Do you know an amazing technician? What about a technician that serves as an example of what others should to strive to be like?

Nominations are now open for the 2023 CDT of the Year. If you know someone deserving of this title, please fill out the Nomination Form and send it in to the NBC Office by September 30th. The winner will be recognized in front of his or her peers at the National Association of Dental Laboratories' (NADL) Vision 21 meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, September 30, 2022. Please contact Deborah Caldwell by phone at (800) 684-5310 or by email at dcaldwell@nbccert.org if you have any questions about the CDT of the Year nomination process. Nominate someone today!

Click Here for the 2023 Nomination Form
Click Here for the 2023 Nomination Form ONLINE

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 Celebrating Skill, Reliability, and Adaptability: Dental Technician and CDT Appreciation Month

Posted on June 02, 2022

NBC, NADL, and FDLT are extremely pleased to dedicate the month of June to the appreciation of dental technicians and Certified Dental Technicians (CDTs). Dental technicians and CDTs develop specialized skills in order to provide care to patients in need. The reliability of that care is fortified by dedication to standards of excellence and continuing education. In the dental laboratory, dental technicians and CDTs are defined by their problem solving abilities and creativity. They show great adaptability, transferring these skills to the altogether different demands of industry wide change. In turn, they play a key role in advancing the profession itself.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 65.8% of people in the U.S.A. have a dental restoration. Each of these cases represents an act of service, carefully planned, and thoughtfully executed by a dental technician or CDT.

Careful attention to detail is the hallmark of an excellent restoration. When it is supported by a reliable technician’s knowledge of industry standards, from material selection to infection control practices, patients reap the benefits of that care.



As the dental laboratory industry faces changes and challenges, dental technicians and CDTs have an opportunity to lend their finely honed problem solving abilities to creative solutions. This adaptability paves the way to professional resilience. It elevates the industry, impacts the earning potential of the profession in years to come, and secures opportunities for future dental technicians and CDTs.


NBC, NADL, and FDLT look forward to celebrating dental technicians and CDTs this month. Thank you for the smiles you inspire, both in and outside the oral health care setting!


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