Recognized Graduate (RGs)

The RG designation is a great achievement and demonstrates a significant mastery of the knowledge needed in dental technology. Individuals achieving this designation have demonstrated a competency not all of their peers will achieve. Each Recognized Graduate (RG) has met industry standards of required knowledge through the successful completion of their education and an independent examination. Following that, RGs must be in compliance with continuing technical and regulatory education requirements to maintain the designation. The pride of earning an RG is personally rewarding and the RG designation places the certificant among a group of individuals who are at the top of the dental technology profession. This group forms a basis for networking, professional recognition, friendships and life-long learning.

About Recognized Graduates in Dental Technology

Students who graduate from a NBC Recognized Educational Institution may choose to take a written examination and become Recognized Graduates (RGs). This exam must be taken within one (1) year of graduation and allows RGs to waive the written comprehensive exam requirement to become a CDT as long as they earn their CDT within four (4) years of graduation and keep their RG current. Depending on the educational institution from which an RG graduated, the education and experience requirement for CDT testing may be significantly reduced

The educational prerequisite to become a Recognized Graduate (RG) is graduation from an accredited dental technology program.
Click here to see if your program is recognized by the NBC.

How to Become a Recognized Graduate

Students enrolled in recognized dental technology educational programs are eligible to sit for the RG examination as long as they are within one year of graduation. Once a student passes the RG examination and graduates from the educational program, he or she is acknowledged by the NBC as a Recognized Graduate and will be sent their certificate and ID card.

The examination has 160 multiple-choice questions. The goal of the RG examinations is to measure the mastery of knowledge and applied skills that are representative of the successful, professional practice of dental technology.

As part of NBC's ongoing efforts to ensure that the questions included in its written examinations are contributing to the reliability of the examinations, NBC includes an additional ten field test questions embedded on each examination form. These ten questions are not graded, but instead are used to gather statistical data to allow NBC to determine if the field test questions may be used on future examinations. Using field test questions is a common practice in the certification and licensure testing industry.

After completing the RG examination, Recognized Graduates have four years to substitute the RG examination for the Comprehensive Examination and pass the other exams (Written Specialty and the Practical Exam) to become a CDT.

After four years, the RG would need to take and pass all three examinations to achieve the CDT status. Read more about CDT requirements here

To maintain the RG designation, one would need to submit their annual renewal along with continuing education requirements. This is done by logging into the MyNBC dashboard

To learn more about the RG designation, and to find out about the application process visit the Become an RG page. From here you will be able to learn more about the examination, download the application, and view testing opportunities.


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