Market Your CDT Achievements!

You are more than a dental technician, you are a CDT!

NBC wants to help you market your achievements to your clients. We have compiled easy to accomplish marketing materials. These items are your first step to obtaining the recognition you deserve.

Important Note: To download the materials below, you must login to the NBC website using your NBC CDT or CDL number and last name. The system will prompt you for this login information upon download.

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CDT Case Box Stuffers

Download and print your own case box stuffers to include with each of your restorations sent to the dentist to let them know that a Certified Dental Technician produced their restoration.

Instructions for Downloading Case Box Stuffer files:

  1. Click on the chosen graphic above.
  2. The file will open in Adobe Acrobat.
  3. On the top left corner of Adobe Acrobat click the disk icon to save the file to your computer (or click on file then save as and save). PC users can also "right-click" on the original link and choose "save target as" instead of having it open up in Acrobat on the screen.
  4. This PDF file is sized to 3.5" x 2" (standard business card size). You can choose to have this file professionally printed or color-copied at a quick-copy center.

NBC encourages CDTs to print their laboratory's logo and contact information on the back side of the Case Box Stuffers to personalize them.

To order additional Case Box Stuffers or other marketing material, please visit our NBC Store at


CDT Case Box Stuffers with text: "This case was manufactured by a Certified Dental Technician"

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CDT Case Box Stuffers with text: "This case was manufactured by a Certified Dental Technician. Made in the USA "

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Download these NBC ads about the importance of working with CDTs. You can add these to your website, include with your invoices, send in an email blast etc. Share with your dentists, both current and prospective, why the Certified Dental Technician (CDT) program is important and the standards the CDTs meet.



Personalized CDT Sample Certificate

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Download this NBC CDT Certificate Template to show your clients that you are a Certified Dental Technician.

The template is intended to be personalized so don't forget to fill in your name and modify it to fit your needs. Hang the certificate in your laboratory, in your work area or send it out with invoices or to prospective clients.



Download Official CDT Logo

Download one of the logo options below and include it on your website, letterhead, business cards, invoices, etc. Let your clients know that they are working with a Certified Dental Technician.

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Sample Press Releases

NBC encourages you to download and customize the sample press releases below and utilize it to promote your achievements. Share with the industry, particularly the dentists you work with that you have met the national standards through the only ADA recognized certification program for dental laboratory technicians.


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Proudly Display Your Certificate

NBC has an agreement with Framing Success where you can receive special discounts on customized frames for your CDT, Technologist or Master CDT certification certificate.


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Materials Disclosure Forms

Download and use the Materials Disclosure Forms to inform your dentist clients that not only do they work with a Certified Dental Technician, but that you value the importance of material disclosure.

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You Deserve a CDT (Tri-Fold Brochure)

Print out this brochure and send it to your current and prospective clients to educate them about the Certified Dental Technician program and what it means to their practice and their patients.


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