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One of the biggest reasons dental laboratory technicians provide for not taking the NBC exams is the lack of availability of testing locations. As laboratory owners, you have the opportunity to remove this barrier that inhibits many technicians from seeking to elevate his or her professional status - by hosting an NBC Exam in your laboratory. Click here to view the NBC's Exam Host Information brochure.

There are a total of three CDT exams that must be passed for a technician to earn his or her certification. Two are written exams and one is a hands-on, practical exam. The written comprehensive exam takes 2 3/4 hours and the written specialty takes 1 1/2 hours. The practical exam runs about 6 hours and is in the same specialty area as the written specialty exam.

Host Applications:

  • NBC Request to Host Exam Form - used to select a date that you would like to host the exam. This date must be at least three months in the future so that proper notification can be given to potential candidates.
  • NBC Practical Exam Facility Information Sheet - used by NBC examiners to determine if the laboratory has the equipment needed to properly accommodate the CDT Practical Exam.

Written exams

In order to offer a greater number of testing locations and more flexible scheduling, NBC launched a computer-based testing (CBT) option for the CDT and RG written examinations. NBC has partnered with Assessment Systems Corporation to offer the CDT and RG written examinations online using a third-party remote proctor beginning July 1, 2018.

There are certain rules to ensure the integrity of the process. For example, test takers will be required to select a 30 day testing window during which time they must schedule and complete their examination. Test takers will also be required to complete a series of security protocols before, during and after the examination.

The requirements for computer-based testing (CBT) are as follows:

  • Desktop computer or laptop (not tablet)
  • Webcam, speakers and microphone (built-in or external)
  • Connection to network with sufficient internet speed: at least 2 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload
  • Browser (not Internet Explorer) with pop-up blocker disabled
  • Candidates can check the readiness of their computer at
  • Testing must take place in a private area
  • Government issued photo ID matching your examination application

Additional rules will be provided to the candidate by NBC and by the exam Proctor.

For more information on computer-based testing (CBT), please download the CDT Handbook and Application or contact NBC by email at or by phone at (800) 684-5310.

Practical exams

Hosting requirements for practical exams are much more involved.

Click here for details

Practical exam hosts need to complete the Practical Exam Facility Information Sheet first. That sheet is then reviewed by the NBC and Senior Examiners to approve the facility. After approval has been granted, the Host Exam Date Request form would be turned in when you are ready to set a date. Please note that practical exams are also subject to cancellation depending on the number of candidates who register. The NBC sends three examiners to the host laboratory and tries to have at least ten candidates to ensure that the expenses are covered.


Please contact NBC by email at or by phone at (800) 684-5310 for more information on hosting an examination.

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